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Our Mission

The implementation of the project “Integrated platform for the research and development of innovative drugs for oncological and metabolic diseases” requires the constant and synergic integration of our three main research lines

Platform Design and Development

Design and development of a technical and scientific platform for data storage and handling, databases query, and physical-chemical properties predictions accessible by all of the companies of the consortium thanks to cloud computing technology. A team of highly skilled informaticians, cheminformaticians ans chemometricians, as well as researcher who understand biological and pharmaceutical meanings of experimental data work toghether for the completion of this goal.

Technical Highlights:

Lipidomics and Medicinal Chemistry

Design and development of novel compounds. The chemical and pharmaceutical character of innovation is granted by a design step guided by lipidomics investigations on human microtissues. The completion of this step is promoted by the collaboration of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology of the University of Perugia.

Technical Highlights:

Drug Design and Molecular Modelling

Development of in silico models of target receptors, identification of ‘hot-spots’ and molecular backbones of interest to be investigated, virtual screenings and selection of promising pharmaceutical candidates to be synthesised and optimized. The computational chemistry and drug design expertise of our scientific director Prof. Gabriele Cruciani and of the R&D group guide the development of this goal.

Technical Highlights: