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Where innovation roots

Molecular Horizon is an innovative startup founded in 2017 and based in Bettona (PG), green heart of Italy.

Our mission

The company mission involves the IT solution and data strategy design for applications in chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and biotechnology.

We offer consultancy in the fields of chemometrics, drug design, and lipidomics and experimental services in the study of the metabolic stability, impurity detection, molecular structural identification.

Thanks to the highly specialized team, we take part in national and international research consortia, addressing the most challenging research questions in the fields of life sciences, digital health, drug design and discovery.

Our strategy

The underlying strategy is the constant and synergic integration of our three main research lines:

  1. Platform Design and Development for data storage and handling, databases query, and physical-chemical properties predictions by means of cloud computing technology;
  2. Lipidomics and Medicinal Chemistry for the design and development of novel compounds guided by lipidomic investigations;
  3. Drug Design and Molecular Modelling for the development of in silico models of target receptors, virtual screenings and selection of promising pharmaceutical candidates to be synthesised and optimized.

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