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Where innovation roots

Molecular Horizon is an innovative startup founded in 2017 and based in Bettona (PG), green heart of Italy. The company mission involves the development of software solutions and consultancy in the fields of chemometrics, drug design, and lipidomics.

The main research line addresses the strategic programme “Integrated platform for the research and development of innovative drugs for oncological and metabolic diseases”, presented by a consortium of Molecular Horizon and three other companies with the aim of bringing together the different but complementary competences of the participating companies in an integrated platform for the development of innovative molecules capable of opening new horizons for therapeutic treatments in the field of oncological and metabolic diseases. This strategic programme brings together the expertise of three Umbrian companies: Molecular Horizon Srl, Sterling SpA (, and TES Pharma Srl (, in combination with the experience and expertise of Dompè Farmaceutici SpA (, in the role of coordinator.

The underlying strategy of the programme is based on the creation of a new and effective communication and collaborative research and development platform (Discovery Platform) that unites the partners’ competences for the development of new pharmacologically active molecules, in order to meet the medical needs linked to the study of the treatment of oncological and metabolic diseases. It thereby fully corresponds to the priority area of Life Sciences in the RIS3 Strategy of the Umbria Region and creates the first drug discovery specialized research cluster in Umbria.

This “Drug Design and Discovery” approach, represents one of the most fascinating and complex challenges in scientific endeavour whilst at the same time also being one of the most promising areas for innovation in research and development for new pharmaceutical products that can guarantee a better quality of life and scientific understanding for diseases that are not yet effectively treatable.

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